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Initiated by passionate tech enthusiasts, Klimerko has grown into a community deeply concerned about air pollution, public health, and environmental concerns in the Southeast Europe.

At Klimerko, we're dedicated to ensuring clean air is accessible to all. We're working towards a future where open air quality data empowers everyone.

Why Join?

Get accurate information about air pollution levels in your area and region. Understand its impact on your well-being and know when to take extra care outside. Be part of a tech-driven positive change.

Those devices on the map? Built and installed by citizens like you!

Sharing air quality data is crucial for our community and democratizing information. Timely, accurate info is vital for our society.

Our community and the Klimerko network span Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and beyond. Join us to keep the community informed about the air we breathe, contributing to the health and well-being of us all.

Get Involved

We're on a mission to collaborate with global communities, providing open-source solutions to measure and enhance air quality in their locations. Here's how you can get involved:

  • Get a Device: Build or purchase your own Klimerko to monitor the air in your community.
  • Share Data: Share your air quality data to contribute to a citizen network focused on tracking and improving air quality across regions.
  • Connect: Join our forum to engage with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and collaborate.
  • Add a website widget: A widget helps share our data with your online network.
Workshop for assembly and configuration of Klimerko device

Projects and workshops

If you're organizing a gathering or event related to open data and environmental protection, we're open to collaboration. Below are some of the projects we've been involved in.

"Better Air for All" Workshop — Flags of the Future Program

During "Flags of the Future" on April 30, 2022, the Internet Society of Serbia held the "Better Air for All" workshop at the Cultural Station Liman to promote Klimerko. The distribution of our air quality monitoring device to citizens of eastern Serbia was made possible through the "World You Want" program.

Workshop speakers included Vladimir Đurđević (Faculty of Physics, Belgrade), Vanja Stanić (Internet Society of Serbia), Desiree Željka Milošević (founder of the Air to Citizens initiative), Neda Aleksandrov (Internet Society of Serbia), and Dunja Jovanović (F.fm platform).

"Schools for Better Air Quality" Project

UNICEF's "Schools for Better Air Quality" project was created to raise awareness among school children, parents, and teachers about the dangers of air pollution. As part of this initiative, the Internet Society of Serbia developed 'Klimerko PRO', an advanced device capable of measuring both PM particles and gas concentrations in outdoor air.

By installing air quality measurement sensors in schools, teachers now have access to real-time data, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding daily school activities based on pollution levels. Moreover, this project aims to educate children about the importance of air quality for health, with the intention of fostering positive changes in societal norms and behavior in the future. Decision-makers are also better equipped to develop long-term public policies at the local level as a result.

Additionally, this initiative promotes the use of simple yet innovative tools to enhance awareness, skills, and communication regarding the impact of air pollution on children and youth. Our community has successfully installed over 130 Klimerko Pro devices in 45 schools across western Serbia, with measurements accessible via the "Children for Air" platform.

"The World You Want" Contest

In collaboration with mobile network operator A1 Serbia, 40 citizens in Eastern and Southeastern Serbia received Klimerko devices through our contest initiative. Facilitated by the Internet Society of Serbia, this project found support in the second round of the "The World You Want" social responsibility contest.

"From Measurement to Clean Air" Initiative

In partnership with environmental activists in Southern Serbia, our project successfully installed over 120 Klimerko measuring devices, thanks to the generous support of the Open Society Foundation.

"Air to the People 2.0" Project

In August 2021, the Internet Society of Serbia completed training and installation of 40 Klimerko 2.0 devices, which were distributed to citizens in regions without monitoring stations. These recipients were selected through an open call process, with targeted areas including Bor, Smederevo, Novi Sad, and Užice. The project was supported by the Internet Society Foundation and the Beyond the Net program.

"Visible Data for Invisible Air" Project

In 2019, we collaborated with the Belgrade Open School and company AllThingsTalk on this project. Together, we conducted two workshops at hackathon Descon and Startit Centre, where participants learned how to assemble Klimerko. Around 30 devices were then distributed to citizens of Belgrade, establishing a vital network for monitoring air quality.

We were proud to receive first prize in the open data category in March 2020, where we proudly showcased the initial results during a panel discussion. The project was supported by UNDP Serbia, as well as the World Bank and the Embassy of Great Britain.

"Climate Capsule" — An experimental platform for climate action

Klimerko is participating in Climate Capsule, a mobile and modular installation conceived by Belgrade's Center for the Promotion of Science. The capsule is designed to provide visitors with a layered perspective on climate change through scientific facts, art interventions and multimedia content. By 2026, the capsule will be set up in ten countries in Southeast Europe as part of the Climateurope2 project.

More about us

Display of a Klimerko measurement device

Klimerko device

Klimerko is a low-cost sensor device that measures harmful outdoor air particles. It is also an open source initiative that combines devices and networks with one aim: to raise public awareness about the importance of air quality in the countries of Western Balkans.

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