Every breath counts.

Klimerko lets you know what you're breathing.Protect your health against hidden air pollutants with real-time air quality data.

Monitor local air quality with Klimerko, powered by community data

Klimerko is more than a monitoring device; it's a community-driven, open-source solution for tracking and improving air quality, primarily in Southeast Europe but open to all.

Join our citizen network, assemble your Klimerko, and contribute real-time air quality data to our open platform. This information empowers citizens, activists, and scientists to monitor air quality, uncover pollution sources, and drive change.

Order your Klimerko device today to start monitoring air quality in your community — and help us provide transparent access to vital air quality data.

Display of a Klimerko measurement device

Klimerko device

Klimerko is a low-cost sensor device that measures harmful outdoor air particles. It is also an open source initiative that combines devices and networks with one aim: to raise public awareness about the importance of air quality in the countries of Western Balkans.

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